Safety Reminders

1. The front and rear portions of your vehicle are designed to absorb and reduce force of impact, Toyota requires that you always fasten your seatbelt while traveling as this serves as your primary protection during high impact frontal collision.


2. When travelling with a child, we strongly recommend that he be seated at the rear seat with seatbelts fasten at all times.


3. Most Toyota models are equipped with Supplement Restraint System (SRS) Airbags that inflate instantaneously during collision to support seatbelt protection and reduce the risk of high impact against the steering wheel, dashboard and windshield.


4. The SRS airbag may deploy if the impact is above the designed threshold level,


5. On a non movable object such as fixed barriers or rigid wall


6. Head-on collision.


7. And severe impact on the underside of the vehicle.


8. SRS airbags however, may not deploy if collision is at off-set,


9. Rear


10. Collision with poles or movable objects.


11. Side collision.


12. And roll-over.


13. Airbags deploy only once, in the event it activates, it will not again deploy in subsequent collisions.


14. As an added safety feature, your Toyota also comes with Toyota Genuine Floormats. These floormats come with clips that hold them in place, preventing pedal obstruction.


15. Worn floormats should only be replaced with Toyota Genuine Floormats available at the dealership.


Source: Toyota Motor Philippines -