Toyota Cubao, a member of TMBC, complies with the Data Privacy Act of 2012. We are committed to safeguard your privacy to ensure that you continue to trust us in providing you The Best Dealer Experience. During the course of transacting with any of our personnel or representatives, you may have shared certain information (e.g. Name, Address, Contact Information, etc.) required to process your transaction. These are known as “personal information”.

Scope and Consent

It is important that you understand that by availing our products and services or using our website or other social media accounts as medium of transaction, you give us consent to collect, use, disclose, and retain your personal information and other information which may be required for your transaction. Rest assured that proper control and securities are available to safeguard your privacy and that we will only use your information as described by this Privacy Statement.

The Personal Information We Collect

We limit the information we require during your inquiry but in order to complete your transaction, several personal information may be required by our personnel or representative to continue processing your transaction. Below are a list of the information we collect and whether they are required or at your own discretion.

  1. Basic Personal Information (Required) – Information like Full Name, Address, Contact numbers, Email address are required to record your inquiry.
  2. Basic Financial Information (Required) – Information like employment, businesses owned or any other source of income necessary as proof of ability to pay in case Financing option is chosen for vehicle sales.
  3. Basic Family Information (As required) - Information like marital status, spouse name, parent’s name, or brothers or sisters and their basic financial information. This is necessary if a co-maker is required by financing companies to augment salary requirement for the vehicle loan.
  4. Other Information (Customer has option not to give) – Information like hobbies, affiliations, family information, other interests which will be used to profile customers for Customer Relations and marketing programs. Please take note that by filling up and submitting the profiling form, you agree to receive target marketing and other promotional from Toyota Manila Bay Corporation.

How We Use Your Personal Data

Your personal data is primarily used to process your transaction whether in Vehicle Sales, Service, Parts and Insurance. We also use your data to accomplish several regulatory and administrative reports. We use your data for the following purpose:

  1. Products and Services Availment – Your personal data is required to process and record your transaction. They must reflect in the primary forms required for your transactions like Invoices and Official Receipts and other supplementary forms as required by the Bureau of Internal Revenue and other relevant Laws. Other information collected are necessary to attain approvals in cases of auto loans and other purchases which are financing in nature.
  2. Products and Services Improvement – We value you as a customer and we use your information to create meaningful and relevant improvements in our products, services and processes.
  3. Provide Interesting Offerings and Promotions – We want you to feel that you are important so we are sending you great offers and other promotions you can avail.
  4. To Communicate with You – We may use your information to contact you (via phone calls or any other means) to conduct after sales/service surveys or to provide you updates on deliverables.

Unless otherwise specified, we retain information as long as it is necessary and relevant for us to achieve the purposes referred to above and to enable us to comply with our legal data protection retention obligations, both, internal or as prescribed by the Data Privacy Act of 2012 or other relevant Laws currently in effect.

Reasons We Share Your Personal data

We only share your information to third party entities outside Toyota Manila Bay Corporation for the purposes listed below:

  1. Banks and Other Financial Institutions – to process your auto-loan application
  2. Land Transportation Office – to process your vehicle registration
  3. Insurance companies – to process insurance policy and insurance claims
  4. Toyota Motor Philippines – to accomplish administrative reporting
  5. BIR and other Government Institutions – to comply with regulatory reporting requirements and other government related reporting requirements

Contact Us

If you have further inquiries or complaints or if you wish to view or update your personal information under our custody, please send an email to

Alternately, you can use our website to lodge your inquiry or complaint. You can also email, call or visit our Customer Relations offices listed below: