A hybrid system combines different power sources to maximize the positive and minimize the negative. The Prius, a gasoline-electric hybrid, combines an internal combustion engine's high speed power with the clean efficiency and low-speed torque of an electric motor that never needs to be plugged in.

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Expanding driving pleasure

In addition to its environment credentials and exceptional fuel efficiency, the Prius generates exhilaration, heightening your driving pleasure. The integration of cutting-edge technology contributes to relaxed driving. The display of various information like system operation and driving status also helps the driver to optimize a fuel-efficient driving style.

Utility and comfort

The Prius provides you with the functional and practical features and storage that accommodate the changing needs of an active lifestyle. A warm feeling of comfort grows in the spacious environment and careful attention to details in the cabin.

Evolving hybrid performance

Powered by the outstanding performance of its intelligent hybrid system incorporating a 1.8-liter engine, it realize the acceleration performance of 2.4-liter class cars, and at the same time delivers exceptional fuel efficiency. In addition, it satisfies the vehicle's basic performance with nimble handing, driving stability and excellent comfort.

The top level of safety

The caring approach of the Prius extends to your peace of mind, with thoughtful active and passive safety measures that integrate the use of advanced technologies, helping to assure the top level of safety in its class.