Those who own the world see it differently. What most consider conventional contradictions, they see as a seamless fusion. Bold yet refined. Rugged yet stylish. Brimming with power, yet safe as home. A symbol of strength, yet a vision of beauty. Teeming with cutting-edge technology, yet interfaces effortlessly with its master. A luxury SUV unlike any other - the new Toyota Fortuner. 

*Photo may vary from actual unit


Conquer the World In Style

The NEW FORTUNER's, sleek and stylish exterior makes a remarkable presence on the road. And with a new chrome radiator grille and redesigned front and rear lamps, its distinct masculine profile is sure to stand out even more.

Welcome to a World of Comfort

The subtle beauty of a New Fortuner's luxurious interiors make it a soothing sight. With an ergonomically design interface and plenty of compartements within reach, you'll definitely feel right at home.

World-class performance at your fingertips

Power is privilege, and the NEW FORTUNER is engineered for the discerning driver. Toyota's advanced technology provides superior engine performance that guarantees optimum response and minimal fuel wastage.

Keeping the World you know safe

Your love ones mean the world to you, This is why the New Fortuner is technologically designed to keep you from harm. A state-of-the-art active and passive safety system guarantees protection all the time.