Smart Driving Tips

1. If any of the warning lights illuminates or begins to flash, stop the vehicle in a safe area and check your vehicle owner's manual for the meaning of the warning light.

2. If you ignore a warning light and continue to drive the vehicle it may lead to an accident or cause damage to the engine or other parts of the car.

3. If the engine stalls, the battery, oil, and other warning lights will immediately light up.

4. Even if the engine stalls, it does not mean that the brakes and steering will stop working completely. So calmly control your vehicle by applying more pressure than normal to the brakes and steering wheel.

5. Use tires of the size recommended by Toyota, with all four of the same type and from the same manufacturer.

6. Do not use worn out tires.

7. Inflate all four tires with the recommended pressure.

8. Do not forget to periodically check the pressure of the emergency spare tire. If the spare tire is used, it should be replaced with a normal tire as soon as possible.

9. Always turn off the engine.

10. Do NOT smoke or use any type of flammable objects near the car.

11. Remove the fuel cap by grasping the tab and turning it slowly.

12. Replace the fuel cap by turning until a clicking sound is heard.